Why Choose Vari SAFE


Enroll in the most trusted, popular and effective safety training for your children today!

Vari SAFE Education specializes in Youth Safety!  Our programs, instructors and learning objectives all support children, develop student confidence and strengthen our communities and families alike.  

We partner with city recreation departments, local CAS agencies, individual schools or school boards, and with various youth groups to provide the most comprehensive, thorough and effective youth specific safety programs in Ontario. With more cities, additional dates and smaller course sizes, including your child in a great learning experience to suit your needs has never been easier!

Our Home Alone & Stranger Safety program, and Kidsitters Canada Babysitters training course are both taught by certified Vari SAFE instructors.  Both courses are supported with a detailed student handbook and include much discussion, examples and interactive opportunities for students to get comfortable with the material. 

All of our instructors love working with children!  And with formal accreditation in teaching, health care or related fields – your child will be learning with a knowledgeable role model, whose focus is on helping your child achieve their goals in personal safety or to safely care for others.  Our team of established instructors participate in development workshops, maintain a clean and current police criminal records check (including vulnerable sector screening) in addition to their annual instructor and First Aid certifications. 

We do provide a certification for our Babysitters training program, and encourage your post course family discussion to assess readiness for our Home Alone program.  At Vari SAFE, we want you to be as comfortable as your child - ultimately getting everyone ready and supporting each other for their roles in these new and exciting responsibilities!

As a Not For Profit Organization, we are first and foremost committed to offering the best programs possible for your child, and to make these opportunities available to all, regardless of circumstance. 

Enroll your child with us today, and see why success at Vari SAFE is measured in student confidence, demonstrated abilities and post course feedback and referrals.   

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