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Babysitters Training Course (10-14 years of age)

This course has been updated to support the mature crowd (10-14 years of age) and builds on the key points of our Home Alone & Stranger Safety course. The learning objectives of this course all speak to keeping others safe while in your care and control. There is an emphasis on self discovery and group learning, and the content includes; job readiness and getting your first job, differences between age groups and specific care for each, safe food preparation, how to handle temper tantrums and other challenges, safe and fun ideas for keeping busy, fire safety, next level first aid and rescue breathing. Whether it's to build on your Home Alone skill set, help with a sibling, prepare for a sitting opportunity or increase your babysitting knowledge base- this is the course for you!

Vari SAFE Courses are always instructor led, supported with a detailed handbook and include much discussion, examples, activities and role plays for our students to get comfortable learning and experiencing the material. This is a valuable learning experience, not just a boring day in a classroom! Check out our FEEDBACK section for what our participants have said about their experience.

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